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Goals, Mile-markers and Horizons… Opening Day 2023

Goals, Mile-markers and Horizons… Opening Day 2023

March 30, 2023

Walking through the tunnel at Shea Stadium back in the 80’s and early 90’s was always such a thrill. It was the meeting of the expansive infield against the emerald green grass of the outfield. 

It was the enormous scoreboard in right field and the Home Run Apple in Center field…just left of the batter’s eye.

It was the Mets’ distinct uniforms of bright pinstripes with orange and blue racing stripes down the sides.

But Opening Day was even more special. The bunting around the stadium. The optimism of a new year. The ability to see our new free agent. Watching Doc Gooden or David Cone on the mound. 

Today, the excitement of a new baseball season is upon us bringing that storied hope and optimism. It is America. It was America then, is now, and will be forever.

This past Tuesday I spent my day working on our business and collaborating with 59 business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the country and the world: a fellow from Ireland, a few from Australia, and a woman from Canada all in the Zoom meeting with me as well as men and women from 30+ states. 

The theme of the day was focusing our mindset and our intentionality over the next 90 days so we can make a greater impact on the world and communities we serve.

All the entrepreneurs in the virtual room would be classified as “successful” if the measurement was simply monetary.  But the unique part of collaborating with likeminded, driven and abundant mindset entrepreneurs is the positivity and intentionality that each brings to the discussion about how they can serve others. How they can challenge themselves to make a greater impact today and over the next 5-10-20 years. How they can 10X their lives which has an impact on all.

Today 30 MLB teams start their journeys towards a common goal. Win the World Series. It is finite. You either win it or you don’t. 

As fans we all feel that and we get hyped up about it. I have seen my Mets win it once in 1986. I was 12. I have seen them get back to the World Series a few times and lose. The last time they advanced I was there for game 5 at Citi Field. And I got witness my only World Series game in person - and watch a victorious team dog pile in celebration of having reached that goal.

Except it wasn’t my team celebrating.

As an entrepreneur and visionary of a small business, I am an advisor to some of the best people and families in the world.  We discuss and plan for goals which are more mile-markers in life towards seemingly endless horizons.

An example of a financial mile-marker might be saving for a first house as the proverbial “goal”. Once we reach it, the purchase process occurs - followed by the move - and ongoing renovations, upkeep, living, taxes, remodeling, re-furnishing and the eventual upgrade to a new home or downsizing to the forever home.

A business owner goal might be launching a new product or service.  But then the fun and experience really begins. What is the client satisfaction level? How is our service model? Are we profitable? Is the business repeatable? How can we improve it? How can we scale it? What can we outsource or stop doing? Is this product still relevant or useful?

Horizons are beautiful because they are always out in front of us providing us inspiration and wonder as to what might be out there? How can we get there? The mile-markers are things to work towards, move past, and become the old horizons. 

Isn’t it amazing that when we reach our horizon we are compelled to search and stretch for the next?

That was the common theme in the room on Thursday but more so in my daily discussions with the people I work with and work for. We are inspired to grow.

Today is Opening Day and all the fans and players have one goal in mind. 

During the 162-game season there will be mile-markers. Each pitch, every at-bat, the home runs and double plays, a perfect game, the All-Star Break, the dog days of summer, a “September to Remember” and then hopefully October Baseball and maybe a little into November… and ultimately a trophy.

Along the way there will be hundreds of exciting plays and memorable moments. Let us all embrace the hope and optimism of the new season and celebrate all of the mile-markers. 

And if your team wins it all…terrific. But if your team doesn’t, be sure to embrace the moments and remember…there’s always next year. Play Ball!!!

Goals, Mile-markers and Horizons… Opening Day 202