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I just spent 24-Hours in the “Mile High City” – and I never left the airport.

I just spent 24-Hours in the “Mile High City” – and I never left the airport.

June 07, 2023

We just attended an intensive boot camp/workshop at the Westin Denver Airport with 55 of our national partner advisors and leadership team from The AmeriFlex GroupTM. It was an opportunity to enhance our offerings and resources for our family-owned-business clients and entrepreneurial minded individuals who need us most.

We chose to become shareholders in The AmeriFlex GroupTM – a national Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) – to immerse ourselves in a network of elite advisors who pride themselves on integrity, professionalism, client satisfaction and teamwork. And our 24-hours in Denver was worth every bit of jetlag I feel today.

Through collaboration with our pillar partners, we discussed Transitional Wealth Planning: a specialized financial planning process for our entrepreneurs and clients who own and operated closely held businesses. In addition to FourFront Wealth Management’s proprietary Navigation for Wealth process, the Transitional Wealth Planning process adds a larger team and broader resources to a more complex clientele.

So what does this mean for you and your loved ones? Everything.

In September FourFront Wealth Management became the 100th advisory firm to join The AmeriFlex GroupTM and our business model is limited to 315 firms in al 50 states. We are exclusive to PLANNING FIRST, fiduciary advisors and a collective of professionals and resources in the 26 states in which we, FourFront, currently serve our clients.

Now, in addition to our core focus of the four stages of financial planning – Accumulation, Pre-Retirement, Retirement, and Legacy – we have added the Family Index to further collaborate with our clients on their visions, dreams and goals while alleviating concern and complexity about markets and market returns. Our resources through our partnership with The AmeriFlex GroupTM allows us to be better coaches and provide financial advice with heart to you, our family of clients.

In being powered by The AmeriFlex GroupTM we are able to take your WHY and enhance our HOW.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and we are looking forward to our continued growth, together!