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What Happens in Vegas?

February 10, 2023

Question: What happens in Vegas?

Answer: Improving our business systems, partnerships and money management for our clients.

This week I spent time in Las Vegas working with the leadership team of our RIA, The AmeriFlex Group, on improving the firm’s deliverables and financial planning capabilities for our clients. The AmeriFlex Group is currently owned by 100 member advisors – including me - who specialize in working and planning with clients that are in transitional phases of their lives.

These inflection points can be anything from but not limited to first jobs, career changes, marriages, divorces, business purchases or sales, retirements, divorces and estate management. FourFront’s Navigation for Wealth process has been incorporating these events into our clients’ lifelong journeys. In adding the Transitional Life Planning process, we can further enhance will the overall experiences and services we will provide for years to come.

After 2-days at our home office, the focus shifted to an economic and market conference where 25 of my partner advisors from The AmeriFlex Group and I worked on portfolio construction and income planning strategies for clients in all phases of their lifecycle.

The investment management conference unpacked the results of 2022 and the outlook for 2023 from a 10,000-foot view and then down to tactical portfolio management strategies and philosophies based on 100 years of economic data and studies. My analytical brain was loving this. The short version is the markets – stock and bond market – are leading indicators of the economy and the market will improve before the economic data improves.

We attend these meetings to improve our talents, services and skills to deliver you the best possible results which starts with the ability to help you reach your goals through meaningful conversations about your life, health, family, dreams and money. Money and the exchange of money is a concept developed over 6,000 years ago but the dialogue about money today is still evolving. Our job is to be experts in how money works and the options available to you while making it relatable, meaningful and providing security for you. 

We are looking forward to having even more meaningful and impactful conversations with you over the next few months to improve your life and wealth journey.